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The objective of this website is provide a straightforward, clear and easy to use comparison service to assist people who are wanting to source the best secured or unsecured loan providers.

Borrowing money to pay for larger than normal expenses such as home improvements, a new car, a wedding or holiday is a necessity for a lot of people.

It may be you are paying expensive interest charges on existing loans or credit cards and want to consolidate your debts into a new loan at a lower rate with more manageable monthly repayments. Regardless as to why you want to borrow money, it is essential to shop around for the best personal loan rates, as failing to do so it likely to be very costly.

The fact you have arrived at this website suggests you have taken the wise decision to see what is on offer, unlike a lot of other people who just go straight to their bank as they believe that is the easiest route. Loyalty to your bank it not often rewarded as a loan from your bank will rarely be the most competitive.

In recent months rates for unsecured personal loans have fallen to levels last seen before the credit crunch. For people wanting to borrow between 7,500 and 15,000 the market is quite competitive, with some lenders offering low interest loans between 3% and 5%.

However, only borrowers with an excellent credit rating will benefit from the low rates. Lenders advertise their "representative" APR which has to be offered to at least 51% of applicants, if you have a less than perfect credit history you may find yourself disqualified from the very best loan deals. Most lenders operate a policy of risk based pricing where the interest rate will depend on your credit rating and how much you borrow.

Compare APR and Total Amount Repayable

When comparing loans, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) gives you an indication as to which loans are the cheapest. However APRs can be manipulated so it's just as important to compare the total amount repayable (TAR). This is the total value in pounds and pence you will have to repay and will include all charges. The loan with the lowest total amount repayable over the period of borrowing will usually be the best deal.

Secured or unsecured?

Deciding whether an unsecured loan, that is one which does not require a borrower to offer collateral, or a secured loan, where the borrower risks losing their home if they are unable to keep up with repayments is an important decision. An unsecured loan is always preferable, if you are a homeowner it makes sense not to risk your home unless it is necessary. It may be your credit rating excludes you from an unsecured product or it might be you want to borrow more than 25,000, in which case applying for a secured loan is an acceptable course of action.

Tuesday 14 August 2018
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